3 Great Services That Your Local Letting Agent Can Provide In The Kensal Rise Area

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a property to rent in London and particularly in the trendiest areas of the city. Once people get into a property, they are reluctant to move and this cuts down the number of homes available. It also drives the prices up and so you need an estate agent who has their finger on the pulse and knows about leases that are coming up that other agents may not know about. This is the difference between finding a home in the city and having to travel in on the dreadful train system from the outskirts of the city.

When you do locate a letting agent in Kensal rise who is prepared to pull out all the stops to get you a place at the right time, then you need to hold on to them because they can provide you with many services.

  1. They will always try to make sure that your landlord is following their legal responsibilities regarding the property that is being rented and that all safety aspects are adhered to.
  1. If there are any issues with the property regarding things that are broken like window mechanisms or electrical issues, they will ensure that a tradesman gets them fixed as soon as possible.
  1. They will provide you with a full property inventory when they take your security deposit, so that it can be referred to when you decide to move on. It’s important that you get your deposit back for your next rental.

With the right letting agent, you can find the rental property of your dreams and at the right price that suits your budget.