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Communicating with Your Pet

What is Pet Communication?

Let’s start by looking at the meaning of the word ‘telepathy’. What is telepathy? One dictionary definition describes it as “the direct communication of thoughts and feelings from one being to another without using speech, writing or any other “normal” method.”

It is the direct transference of thoughts, feelings, images, words, sensations, emotions, energy and knowing. It is the most natural, ancient and universal language of all.

Animals and all sentient beings communicate telepathically with each other all the time and we too as humans have been doing this since before the written or spoken word. So, if we look at pet communication, we can see it as a 2-way exchange of information between all sentient and living beings. It is a universal language and dialogue between souls and allows us to communicate with our pet companions.

Why communicate with pets and what do they have to share with us?

Just like us animals are soul beings and they too have their own soul purpose, lessons and journeys to follow and to share. It is in that sharing that we can deepen and enhance our relationships and understandings with our animal companions.

Our pet friends have infinite wisdom and guidance that they want to share with us if we will only stop, become present and listen. The pets that share our lives are very energetically connected to us. They are very sensitive to our energies, our thoughts, feelings and emotions and because of this will do all they can to help us. This is because they love so unconditionally.

But what happens when they are unable to “voice” their concerns, their worries, their guidance and their love in a way that we can understand. Very often this may come out in strange or unwanted behaviours, they may leave or get “lost” or go “missing”, they may start acting out or they may become physically ill.

By talking with them, connecting in with them on a soul, personality and physical level we are able to better understand what it is that they are wanting to share with us. We are able to ask them what they may need in order to be happier, what they enjoy, what they may need more of and by doing so we can deepen and enhance our relationships with them and bring delight, fun, harmony and balance to them and to us.

How can Pet Communication Assist with Behaviour Issues?

By communicating with them, we can ascertain why they are behaving in certain ways and look at suggestions or alternative behaviours that make both you and your pet companion happier. Very often we want our pets to behave in a certain way but that may go against what comes naturally to them and they very often do not understand what we are asking of them. Often behaviours stem from insecurity or anxiety. By addressing these issues on a soul level, we can help them to feel more secure, show them what we would like from them and offer them alternatives.

How Pet Communication can Help when our Pets are Unwell

How often have you heard people saying that their pets are very ill, and they are torn about not knowing what their pet needs or wants. Are they in pain or discomfort? Do they want leave their physical bodies or do they want to stay and get better? If they do want to cross over to the other side, do they want to go on their own or do they want assistance?

By speaking with our pets and asking them how they are feeling and what they would like, and understanding the dying process from their perspective, we are able to compassionately and with reverence and respect – honour our pets wishes.

Pet communication is a way to bridge the divide between human and animal. It is a way to bring understanding, compassion, love and respect to our animals and it is a natural ability that we all have. All we need to do is become still, go within, reconnect with that divine part of ourselves and speak with the animals that bring us so much joy and unconditional love.

About the Author :- Tammy is an experienced Intuitive Animal Communicator. She lives in South Africa with her husband and many loved pets, working primarily as an extremely gifted international Animal Communicator and Clairvoyant Psychic. Tammy has successfully helped pet owners to reconnect with missing pets and communicate on a soul level to understand their pet’s needs.

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Ideas To Make Your Dates Romantic And Fun!

When you first start dating a person, it is all about knowing little things about them. All you need is quality time with some romance in the air. Date nights are indeed special. And if you have been able to figure out the plan for your next date – let’s make it the most interesting!

To treat your loved ones a date should comprise of good environment, food arrangements, comfort, happy feelings and of course budget. Here we will tell you just how to bring them all together and plan a great evening with your romantic interest!

A perfect evening out!

Select an exclusive restaurant Happy hours Sioux Falls. The happy hours give the customers the chance to order drinks and food for relatively low prices. There are offers like Buy 1 Get 1 free or sometimes custom made for couples like Buy 2 food items and get 2 drinks free. All depends on the place you choose to dine in. And if the offers are on wine there is definitely not a better choice than this!

Go for a picnic!

If you already been able to create a bond, it’s time to take a short trip out of the city! We mean a picnic! It can also be a simple park in the city or some place at your backyard. Just lay a sitting arrangement, a blanket, some snacks and you are good to go! This is probably the cheapest and most comfortable date to have.

Brewery tours

There is nothing as exciting and revering as an evening out with your new date. Take this chance to find out each other’s taste buds or beer choices. Head to a brewery near you and chance upon the Happy hours Sioux Falls for amazing deals or just go pub hopping to make it a more thrilling endeavor. The choice is yours!

Visit a Museum

They say art influences people the most! Take your partner to a local art gallery or museum to look at something different and chat over. Chances are you will get a lot of untold things you never knew of!  Visiting a museum brings out a person’s thinking, affluence towards art and the idea of romance. You surely don’t want to miss that!

Spending quality time with your partner makes a better bond in relationships. And if you have been conscious of the budget find out the Happy hours Sioux Falls to make the most of the holiday season and special day offers to benefit from!

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