Exactly How Should We Heal Society?

There’s without doubt concerning the fact that society is sick. Attempting to heal disease is desirable, just like to heal a person sickness. But searching only at that society how illnesses are treated and what’s the attitude and understanding about disease, the issue turns up: Who would like to heal society with similar attitude as when healing personal disease? This may not be possible and shows the naivety and innocence from the asker.

First we have to understand what the actual reason is the reason why society is sick it’s not enough to deal with the signs and symptoms like to control your emotions in the established health system. It might be essential to threat the main cause. What’s the real cause? Here the very first dilemma is turning up: Only an individual who has healed yourself in the common disease, being a member of this society, is competent to look behind the large games, understanding that for individuals within this society it’s impossible even going to have doubts while being totally identified using the fundamental concepts. Getting doubts about this implies to question yourself which without a doubt may be the last factor people want. Individuals who healed themselves realize that there’s not a way to heal society. So then who would like to heal society? Who’s ‘we’? The sick wish to heal the sick? The blind wish to advice the blinds?

The only method that society will heal would be that the individuals heal themselves. Yes, a really couple of began using their individual recovery process, however when they go to town, they are overlooked or viewed as insane. Society is protecting itself with similar means because the individual. What’s there being an established attitude and habit should be defended and who would like to touch this is eliminated in a single way or another. Let us confront the details: Society props up individuals and also the individuals support and form society. The established concepts are integrated a part of everyone and after that people obtain feeling of existence along with a frame and security. There’s no doubt with no doubt, things are the most useful way they may be! The federal government and also the selected leader take care (really?) they’re responsible. Self-responsibility is unknown and never wanted.

Humans are much underdeveloped they not really can achieve the condition of evolution from insects, which live a lot more organized as well as in harmony. Humans are fallen from their natural sense of existence they’re living another hands existence, being identified using their mind, their feelings and also the established content. So that they must produce increasingly more from it by provoking and reacting. Simply to feel alive! Then being involved with all type of games to create their pseudo identification more powerful, using others with this, who’re entering exactly the same games… That’s society! Oh boy, who would like to heal this?! Well, individuals are trying and with a decent intention to alter something, but they’re not conscious concerning the fact that they’re entering the sport from their own need, the final outcome involves just like I authored before: Blinds attempting to guide blinds…

OK, so let us begin to heal ourselves! And let us ignore attempting to heal society. The proportion of people that possess the desperate urge to heal themselves is really low, it could not make any impact on society, despite the fact that one might want to see it by doing this. It’s about one inch 100.000, possibly even ten occasions less, so not necessarily significant, but additionally this isn’t important. Who’s ready, can’t avoid questioning yourself and society and so the whole card house might break apart. However the trap stays a trap once the entire fault is offered towards the outdoors so when attempting to change something about this, with this particular staying away from to begin with yourself…

You now will say: Oh how negative is that this guy, he should begin to see the beauty and also the positive, the progress and also the good intentions… Yes, you’re right, but because lengthy we do not dare to determine hard and ugly reality, we’re just fooling ourselves. Our beautiful self-image we’ve produced, does not let it realize that we’re parasites, zombies and by no means developed. To this kind of extent, that we’re destroying the fundamentals in our existence: Our planet, water, the environment and each factor we come in contact with.

Meanwhile we all know all of this, despite the fact that we attempt to stay our heads in to the sand and continue our consumer existence and existence. That there’s a problem gets increasingly more apparent so the question turns up: ‘How are we able to heal society’? Indeed I’ve been asking this since three decades and that i did the very best I possibly could, however i am very close to to stop. How can i influence a sheep in the herd, that feels protected within the flock and it is only interest is to consume and with an exchange by saying “baa…”. But clearly I’ve not quit otherwise I would not write here. I am still searching for any possible and efficient method to influence people who they take self-responsibility getting away from dependency, – to heal themselves.