Family Reunion Fundraiser Ideas

Asking family for the money can be tough. And, you most likely already requested each family to give a set amount for your loved ones reunion but need some extra money for many activities. More families will be ready to share money when they know there’s a fundraising event in the family reunion. So announce the fundraising event ahead of time.

Now, for any couple of fund raising ideas.

Products marketing

Go specifically made with your family name to market for the family reunion fund raiser.

Some Products to market:

Welcome sign with your family name

Garden sign with your family name

Notepad with family name (maybe date and placement from the reunion)

Etched glass cake plates or casserole dishes, wine glasses or vase

Family Recipe Book

Embroider or silkscreen hats, t-shirts, mens polo shirt, jackets, bags

Book with genealogy tales

Book with current family tales

Picture album of family reunion pictures (to become delivered sometime following the reunion, clearly)

Family photo calendar

Antenna balls

Pens with family name


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Ask family people to submit products to become offered in an auction. They are able to offer crafts, food products or perhaps a coupon for service, perhaps a week in their personal cabin within the mountain tops. A great auctioneer could keep the auction lively and moving rapidly.

Silent Auction

A silent auction replaces the auctioneer with paper and pens and is effective having a mix & mingle activity.

Label the items for auction and can include an empty numbered list to see relatives people to create their names along with a cost they would like to bid for that item. Encourage family people to bid, and outbid one another. Allow a set fee of your time for that silent auction.


Again, invite family people to give products for any raffle, or use only one large, special prize for that raffle. And then sell tickets for any set cost, maybe $1 or $5. You can buy circus style tickets from the party store. For those who have some high finish products you are able to perform a separate raffle for individuals with various color tickets that are more expensive.

Set a container (just like a plastic cup) alongside the items for raffle having a label for that item it matches. Have everybody put tickets using their names within the container labeled using the item they are curious about. Dump the tickets in the container to combine them before drawing names to announce a champion for every item. Possess a couple of people open to provide the goods to waiting family people.

Funniest Home Video

For any $5 or $20 entry fee invite each family to submit their funniest home video. Videos ought to be 2 minutes or shorter. And announce if they should be candid, or whether they can be staged. Evaluate the videos prior to the reunion to allow them to be edited as needed. Have them family-friendly. The champion ought to be made the decision with a panel of idol judges, from the 3 different families, who’ve not posted any videos. Provide a prize for that champion. You may make it financial or something like that with your family name engraved onto it.

Home Movie

Invite families to remake a scene using their favorite movie. Set a period limit of two minutes or fewer and charge a $5 entry fee. Evaluate the videos prior to the reunion so that you can ensure that it stays family-friendly.

Garage Sale

Ask family to give products for any garage sale and hold it inside a prominent place-near an active road. Announce the garage sale in local papers and websites. Many classifieds have sections for rummage sales, both printed papers as well as on-line newspapers. Decide prior to the garage sale how to handle products that do not sell. Does everybody would like them came back or donated to some thrift store?

50/50 Raffle (50% to champion and 50% to reunion)

Provide a cash-only raffle. Sell tickets for $1 or $5. In the finish from the family reunion draw just one ticket and split the money 50/50 using the champion, along with the family reunion fundraiser coffers.

Sports Competition

Pick your preferred sport. And compete. Charge an entry fee to compete and provide an incentive for that champion.

Miniature Golf Tournament

Ask family people to submit miniature golf holes to produce a unique course for the family reunion. This can be done on the volunteer basis or request a submission fee and provide a prize to find the best hole. Then, obviously, you will see an entry fee to compete within the miniature golf tournament. Make everybody aware if they have to bring their very own golf equipment, if golf equipment is going to be provided, or maybe individuals allowing the golf holes will have to give a unique equipment for every hole Golf, and also the champion have a prize. However the reunion takes the finest prize in the entry charges.


Guess what happens your loved ones likes to do. Transform it into a contest. Could it be art? Could it be singing, dancing, theater? Writing? Lop eared bunnies? Scrubbing toilets! I understood I’d think it is. Produce a contest. Entry charges, prizes, blue ribbons, honorable mentions and idol judges. Keep the majority of the money in the entry charges for the reunion fund. And employ some for any prize for that champion. And when you get clean toilets from it…then that’s just awesome!

I am just a little family crazy. I originate from a household with six children and also have five kids of my very own. Plus my hubby develops from a family with six children.