Hiring a Skip? Consider These Guidelines

Whether you are hiring a skip for a domestic project or you’re a construction contractor looking for a unit on-site, you must consider various factors. A lot of customers find that the skip hire industry is geared towards clients who already know what they want and need, for first time borrowers it can be difficult to select the right skip for the job. Skip hire cost in Wolverhampton is affordable when you deal with the right company.  Here are some guidelines to consider when selecting a unit.

What Size is Best?

If you’ve no experience hiring skips, you won’t know what skip size will suit you best. If you get a small one it could fill up quickly and you’ll need another unit. Whereas a skip that is too big for the job means you waste money. If you aren’t sure about skip sizes, talk to the hire company and discuss your needs.

Loading the Skip

Many people think you can throw whatever you like in a skip and every item will be disposed of. This isn’t the case; some objects are forbidden and should never be thrown in with general waste. Here is a sample of prohibited items:

  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Fridges
  • Gas bottles & canisters
  • Medical waste

Do I need a Permit?

It all depends on where you place the skip – if it’s on your property, you don’t need a permit, if it’s on public property, you’ll need one. Most permits are issued by the council, but some skip companies can help their customers obtain one if needed.