How Can Strong Winds Disturb Your Roof?

The summer is well and truly gone and winter is fast approaching. With it comes strong winds, heavy rain and sometimes snowfall. As we steadily creep through Autumn, we all know that the weather frequently associated with the UK is just around the corner. Blustery weather, freezing cold temperatures and hailstorms are all a part and parcel of living here, we tend to get used to it. Local roofers in Harrogate have seen first-hand what strong winds can do to a roof.

If your home has been affected by stormy weather and you need help from a roofing contractor, look for these qualities when hiring:

  • Willing to provide professional references
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Offers a warranty
  • Permanent place of business
  • Locally based company

Exploiting Weaknesses

The wind has an ability to expose frailties in your roof, if you haven’t been maintaining the structure, there is a good chance that strong winds will make you pay. Any loose material at the edge of your roof will be immediately targeted by strong winds. It often gets underneath the structure and starts to loosen the material. You can easily avoid this damage by ensuring your roof is well-maintained.

Flying Debris

During a storm when strong winds bellow through the neighbourhood, fences, signs and branches can easily become dislodged and thrown into the air. If wind speeds are particularly high, such as in a strong storm, they can become projectiles and fly through the air. After a bout of strong winds or a storm, it is sensible to examine your roof for damages.