How to Spice Up Your Romantic Elopement Wedding in Las Vegas?

Love is in the air and the all you can breathe is the fragrance of marriage everywhere. If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas, the city adds to the promise of quick and hassle free hitch to render the guests extra giddy. Sure, Sin City and romance don’t complement well when it comes to wordplay, but Las Vegas wedding elopement is one of the most preferred ways of getting hitched these days. So, how to spice up this wedding elopement? Read on for the 5 tips for the most romantic tips for the most romantic elopement ever:

  1. The good ol’ classic Las Vegas wedding

You can render your Las Vegas wedding elopement nights as debauched and decadent as you desire and it is not that hard to do it. However, if you want to add a bit of style and a touch of subtlety, try the Wee Kirk o’ the Heather. The Wee Kirk is quaint, intimate and old fashioned, however can be booked online ranging from the “I do’s” to limousine to the flying packages to the Las Vegas elopement packages on offer.

  1. The bona fide Elvis wedding

Many people believe that Vegas ceremony can only be complete unless the minister happens to be the King. Everyone knows that there is an exclusive Elvis themed venue in Vegas. The Elvis Chapel’s offerings are fully equipped with the variations of rock and roll vibes and special vows.

  1. Bigshot hotels

Vegas’s big shot hotels certainly have their own chapels. If you want a European touch to the wedding, enmeshed with American style indulgence. Or a white gondola and serenade, but more like Venice? The Venetian comes to the rescue. If you want a water themed Treasure Island’s Enchantment package, go for the Song Ship of the hotel. Paris Las Vegas hosts a wine theme wedding where you can use a replica of Eiffel Tower as a backdrop for your photos.

  1. Sky high

Wanting to get married in Vegas on a helicopter? You got it! Although it won’t be romantic exchanging vows in the noise, but if you still prefer it, go for it! You can also have Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon elopement wedding if you wish.

  1. Alternative style

Albeit, gay weddings are forbidden in Nevada, but Gay Chapel of Las Vegas got your back. You can have the best of both worlds with zero restrictions and all Vegas wedding elopement vibes you want.