The Best Ways to Create a New Room On Your Property

Adding a new room to your property can be a stressful endeavour, but with some research as to the alternatives available on the market, it doesn’t need to be. Creating a new room on your property, especially in times of a pandemic, will give you a positive goal towards which you can work and the creativity it will spark will be a boost to your mental health.

The key factors you need to consider are the area of your property in which you wish to make the addition and the amount of money you have available for the renovation. Once these aspects are covered, the fun can begin.

A trend that is gaining popularity among property owners is the erection of wooden structures in their gardens. Some opt for log cabins for their affordability while others may require larger structures, such as summer houses. If you have such an outbuilding you have in mind, be sure to confer with your local council about potential restrictions, as well as taking the necessary precautions to ensure it fits well with the flow of your property.

By the time you’ve purchased your structure, you’ll know what its final intended purpose is to be. This could be anything from a guest room, a hobby space, or even a personal spa escape space. Irrespective of the end-use, we advise erecting the building in an area of the garden where you can add plants or trees in front or around it. This way it will look discreet,  like an extension of your home, rather than an out-of-place shed.

A further way to incorporate the structure into the flow of your property is to paint its external walls the same colour as that of your home. The same principle can be applied to your building’s roof.

When decorating the interior of the room, the furnishings need not only be functional but also a reflection of your personality. If you’re someone who likes contemporary and eclectic design movements, then you may want to look into the grand millennial, or ‘granny-chic’ trend. It combines modern elements with vintage furnishings, such as large floral couches. The success of applying this design element in your space is not to clutter it.

The advantage of erecting a summer house or log cabin is that at a time in the future you can make further additions to it should you so wish. Such additions can be turned into income-earners by listing them on online sites, such as Airbnb or

One last tip we can offer is that you have a small water closet in your new room. This will allow you to fully enjoy the space without having to leave when nature calls.

Here’s wishing you a creative adventure, and an end-product that brings you hours of endless joy and contentment.