The Parent-Student Relationship In College Searches

Written Content: Families preparing for the college search and admissions process are beginning to talk money sooner than ever. With college expenses seemingly always on the rise, having an open and honest dialogue about paying for college can help your student make more informed decisions about the future. When these discussions occur early in the process, you can also avoid a situation where your child falls in love with the idea of going to a particular school, only to later learn it is out of reach financially. This isn’t to say you should attempt to limit your child’s dream when it comes to college, but rather reel them in effectively so that they have realistic expectations. This can help limit some of the stress that a family can feel through this process. Now, it is unrealistic to think you can eliminate college admissions stress entirely; however, you can reduce it. There can be comfort in knowing that the process is stressful for everyone. While steps in the process and decisions about your child’s college career can heighten anxieties and threaten already frayed nerves, approaching college admissions in this manner can actually strengthen your relationship with your child, bringing you closer than ever. Interested in learning more about the ways in which you can help lead the money conversation with your child? Take a moment and glance over at the resource included alongside this post.

The Parent-Student Relationship In College Searches for more information on the college search process, be sure to check out the Encourage App